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Finally, I returned to Photoshop to utilize its precision in color editing. I made minor adjustments to the yellow, green, and blue hues. I also realized that I found the open field at the far right edge of the image to be distracting, and cropped this portion from the image. The final panoramic image measures 22 x 62 inches @ 240 dpi and makes a beautiful and very sharp print at this size. As shown here, the image also replicates, as closely as my abilities allow, my vision at the time I photographed this scene. There are doubtless other pathways I might have taken in the digital darkroom to arrive at this point, and this page is not meant to be final word on the correct way to process a digital photograph. The scene depicted here required an unusually intensive (for me) degree of post-processing to realize its potential. In my opinion, the ability to make beautiful prints from digital photographs requires as much skill in the digital darkroom as it does with one's camera. Before you raise an eyebrow at that notion, compare the top and bottom images on this page and ask yourself which you would rather have hanging on your living room wall. Photo © copyright by Brett Deacon.