Fine Art Prints

I am pleased to offer beautiful custom-made prints of the highest quality. A variety of print sizes ranging from 8"x10" to 40"x50" are available and are listed underneath each image on this website. While sizes vary according to the dimensions of each image, a list of common sizes and prices appears below. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Print Size Print-only
Canvas Price
8" x 10" signed print 40.00 80.00 70.00
12" x 18" signed print 90.00 195.00 175.00
16" x 20" signed print 150.00 275.00 240.00
20" x 30" signed print 225.00 425.00 375.00
24" x 36" signed print 300.00 600.00 525.00
30" x 45" signed print 445.00 795.00 675.00
40" x 50" signed print 565.00 1,065.00 875.00
8" x 22" signed panoramic print 90.00 190.00 170.00
12" x 34" signed panoramic print 200.00 375.00 320.00
16" x 45" signed panoramic print 250.00 500.00 425.00
22" x 62" signed panoramic print 500.00 795.00 675.00

The Process

For nearly a decade, I offered custom-made prints on the best-available fine art paper printed from my Epson 9800, a professional quality wide-format printer. Since moving to Australia in 2014, I am no longer able to make my own prints. Fortunately, I don’t have to thanks to Duraplaq Distribution. Tim Emerson and the gang at Duraplaq Distribution, located in Longmont Colorado, run one of the country’s best printing and framing businesses. They are the only company I’ve ever worked with whose standards for quality meet and even exceed my own. Their printing, framing, shipping, and customer service is as good as it gets. This is why many of the best nature photographers in the Rocky Mountain region work with Duraplaq Distribution.

Prints purchased from my website are printed by Duraplaq Distribution on Crane Museo Silver Rag paper, using the best available archival ink professional printer, from digital files I prepare to exacting specifications optimized for the size ordered. A digital signature, indistinguishable from the real thing, is added in an unobtrusive spot in the bottom corner of the image. Thanks to rigorous color management procedures and use of the best available paper and printing technology, the print you receive from Duraplaq Distribution will be at least as good as the best print I am capable of making.

I have extremely demanding standards for the quality of my work and you may rest assured that the appearance of any print you purchase from me will meet your satisfaction and will resist fading throughout your lifetime. In fact, I guarantee it. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, send it back and I will make you a replacement free of charge or refund your money according to your preference.


I am pleased to offer two framing options for the photographic prints on this website. The first is the MegaPlaq style. In this style, a professional print on high-quality Crane Museo Silver Rag paper is mounted on a thick, acid-free surface and finished with a beveled edge. The backside is hollowed out to reduce weight and conceal a convenient cleat hanging system allowing the MegaPlaq to hang securely, flush against a wall. A black edge is standard though other edge colors and are available upon request. An invisible satin laminate covers the print lending UV protection and moisture resistance. The surface is non-reflective, does not show fingerprints, and is durable enough to be cleaned with windex and a paper towel. I highly recommend this beautiful framing style. My customers consistently prefer it to traditional custom framing because of its unique ability to focus attention on the print itself, almost entirely eliminate glare, and allow the colors and tones to glow. Additional information about this framing style can be found on Duraplaq Distribution's website. The photos at the top of this page, and below, show prints framed in the MegaPlaq style.

The second framing option is a DuraWrap canvas gallery wrap. In this style, a high clarity satin DuraPlaq canvas paper print is mounted on an acid-free, rigid and lightweight substrate, finished with a hollow backing and wire hanger to keep the DuraWrap sturdy and lightweight. Each Durawrap is protected with an acid free, fine art protective coating to give it moisture resistance and UV protection. Compared to the MegaPlaq style, DuraWrap prints are lighter, less expensive, have somewhat less deep blacks and less vibrant colors, and have a more painterly appearance. 

Duraplaq Distribution has an extraordinary range of professional products not listed here, including the high gloss PlexiPlaq and rustic StonePlaq. If you are interested in a framing option other than the MegaPlaq and DuraWrap styles, let me know. 


Orders are normally shipped within two weeks of your date of purchase. If you need your order expedited, contact me and I'll consult with Duraplaq Distribution to determine feasibility and pricing. If you live in Australia and are interested in purchasing a print, please contact me to discuss options, availability, and pricing.