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I am pleased to offer beautiful custom-made prints of the highest quality. A variety of print sizes ranging from 8"x10" to 40"x50" are available and are listed underneath each image on this website. While sizes vary according to the dimensions of each image, a list of common sizes and prices appears below:

Print Size Print-only
8" x 10" signed print 40.00 80.00 90.00
12" x 18" signed print 90.00 195.00 215.00
16" x 20" signed print 150.00 275.00 300.00
20" x 30" signed print 225.00 425.00 450.00
24" x 36" signed print 300.00 600.00 650.00
30" x 45" signed print 445.00 795.00 na
40" x 50" signed print 565.00 1,065.00 na
8" x 22" signed panoramic print 90.00 190.00 215.00
12" x 34" signed panoramic print 200.00 375.00 415.00
16" x 45" signed panoramic print 250.00 500.00 550.00
22" x 62" signed panoramic print 500.00 795.00 na

Custom sizes are also available upon request. If you are interested in purchasing a large number of prints, contact me to negotiate a bulk price discount.

The Process

My prints are made with pigment-based ink, a process sometimes referred to as "giclee." The K3 inkset of my Epson 9800 wide format printer produces beautiful color and black white prints that are estimated to last more than 100 years before noticeable fading occurs according to independent testing conducted by Henry Wilhelm Research Institute. All images are printed on Crane Museo Silver Rag, a heavyweight and beautiful semi-gloss paper, using a custom printer/paper profile that ensures a near-perfect match between the original image and the appearance of the final print.

Each photograph is custom-printed, carefully inspected, and signed by me after you place your order. Doing so allows me to exert complete control over the process to ensure that your print looks exactly as it should. I have extremely demanding standards for the quality of my work and you may rest assured that the appearance of any print you purchase from me will meet your satisfaction and will resist fading throughout your lifetime. In fact, I guarantee it. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, send it back and I will make you a replacement free of charge or refund your money according to your preference.


I am pleased to offer two framing options for the photographic prints on this website. Each involves the process of "plaque mounting," in which the print is mounted flat to a smooth wood substrate, covered with a clear and UV-protected laminate, and trimmed with a border color that complements the image. I highly recommend this beautiful framing style, and my customers consistently prefer it to traditional framing because of its unique ability to focus attention on the print itself and allow the colors and tones to glow. Additional information about these framing styles can be found on the Framing Options page.


Print orders are normally shipped within one week of your date of purchase. Allow an additional two to three weeks for receipt of framed pieces. All prints are covered with an archival protective sheet, rolled around the outside of a 2" mailing tube, securely placed inside a larger mailing tube, and shipped (and insured) Via FedEx. In my experience, this is the best means of preventing damage to the print. For print-only orders, I offer this method of shipping free of charge to customers in the United States.

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